A Post with a Video

25 June 2013

Video embeds are responsive and scale with the width of the main content block with the help of FitVids.

Not sure if this only effects Kramdown or if it’s an issue with Markdown in general. But adding YouTube video embeds causes errors when building your Jekyll site. To fix add a space between the <iframe> tags and remove allowfullscreen. Example below:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/PWf4WUoMXwg"> </iframe>


1. 将一台废旧的电脑安装linux系统(我安装了ubuntu 32位 16.04),变成一台服务器2. 用网线连接上内网路由器,并且绑定内网IP地址3. 设置DMZ将外网访问转发到服务器4. 注册一个DDNS服务,并且申请一个域名5. 将域名和账号填入路由器设置里(我家用...… Continue reading


Published on December 11, 2015